Month: May 2023

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Harnessing Synergies: Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris to Explore Europe-Africa Local Content Efforts

Africa’s energy sector is on the precipice of a transformation owing to a series of sizeable oil discoveries, various large-scale natural gas projects, continental efforts to accelerate the penetration of renewable energies and new focus placed on infrastructure roll-out. Historically, French investors and project developers have played a key role in expanding the continent’s energy […]
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Join the Movement: AEW Fosters an African Energy Renaissance with 2023 Theme

Africa’s estimated 125.3 billion barrels of crude oil and 620 trillion cubic feet of proven gas reserves present an opportunity for the continent to accelerate the diversification of the energy mix and address energy poverty while driving industrialization, employment creation, gross domestic product growth and environmental sustainability. In this regard, the 2023 edition of the […]
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