Ambassador Martha Nyamal Choat, Deputy MD at Nilepet, to Speak at AEW 2023

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The African Energy Chamber welcomes Ambassador Martha Nyamal Choat, Deputy Managing Director at Sudan Sudan’s Nilepet, as a distinguished speaker at African Energy Week 2023.

With its substantial 3.5 billion barrels of oil reserves, South Sudan has established itself as an energy powerhouse in East Africa. Together with national oil company (NOC), Nile Petroleum Corporation (Nilepet), the nation has begun an ambitious exploration and production strategy to tap into the immense potential of its unexplored terrain, boost output and become an important regional supplier. Additionally, the NOC is actively strengthening its partnerships with international oil companies while advocating for initiatives to promote the inclusion of local talent – especially women – in the country’s energy sector.

The African Energy Chamber (AEC), the voice of the African energy sector, is thereby pleased to announce Nilepet’s Deputy Managing Director (MD), Amb. Martha Nyamal Choat, will take part in this year’s African Energy Week (AEW) conference and exhibition, from October 16–20 in Cape Town.

In 2005, Martha Nyamal Choat began her journey of service in South Sudan as a member of the Upper Nile State Assembly, where her leadership qualities were quickly recognized, leading to her holding the esteemed role of the Controller of the House. Notably, she was instrumental in the development of a children’s center in Malakal, which offered critical assistance to vulnerable groups of people while advancing social welfare.

Her extensive experience with organizations dedicated to women and children has profoundly influenced her passion for advocating for women in the energy sector. As the Deputy MD of Nilepet, she is driving the participation of women in the industry by implementing programs that prioritize gender equality and create pathways for women to excel in leadership roles. Nilepet, under her leadership, fosters an inclusive work environment by providing training, mentorship and meaningful opportunities for women to engage in all aspects of the company’s operations. Martha Nyamal Choat’s advocacy, coupled with Nilepet’s support, is reshaping the energy landscape, ensuring women’s crucial role in driving the sector forward toward a more equitable and prosperous future.

Meanwhile, the NOC recognizes the importance of increasing investments in South Sudan’s energy sector through partnerships. It is actively driving partnerships through production-sharing agreements with renowned international oil firms, such as China National Petroleum Corporation, India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, and Malaysia’s Petronas. Nilepet strategically retains minority holdings in these agreements, while overseeing sector operations. The involvement of these esteemed multinational companies in South Sudan’s petroleum industry serves as a testament to the country’s investment potential and viable investment environment, encouraging other businesses to consider investing in South Sudan. With well-established players and a history of successful collaborations, potential investors can enter the sector with confidence, anticipating a promising and fruitful partnership.

Nilepet, as the NOC, is dedicated to strengthening oil and gas activities while promoting investments in infrastructure, power and related sectors. With plans to establish itself as an energy operator by 2027, the NOC collaborates closely with the three Joint Operating Companies to develop oilfields, enhance refining capacity, and maximize value addition within the industry.

“The Chamber is thrilled to have Martha Nyamal Choat join us as a speaker at AEW. Her extensive experience and dedication to advocating for women in the energy sector is inspiring, and her role as Deputy MD is driving remarkable progress in inclusion in the energy sector. We believe her participation in AEW will not only provide valuable insights into investment opportunities in South Sudan but also underscore the importance of driving exploration and production activities forward. As Nilepet actively pursues partnerships with renowned international oil firms, AEW will provide the perfect platform for building partnerships and increasing investments in the country’s energy sector,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC.

Her participation at AEW 2023 not only enables Nilepet to offer crucial insight into the variety of investment opportunities available across the South Sudanese market but also drives fresh discussions about the region’s future energy needs. Additionally, she can offer insights in the Women in Energy segment of AEW, shedding light on the importance of empowering and encouraging women’s participation in the energy industry. Martha Nyamal Choat’s experiences and initiatives at Nilepet highlight the transformative potential of creating a more inclusive and diverse energy sector. Her valuable perspectives will undoubtedly inspire and drive meaningful discussions on advancing women’s representation and leadership roles in the energy sector during the conference.

AEW is the AEC’s annual energy conference and exhibition uniting African energy policymakers and companies with global investors to discuss the future of Africa’s energy sector. For more information about attendance, sponsorship and partnership opportunities, visit