AEW 2023 to Spotlight the Strategic Significance of Regional Integration in Africa’s Power Sector

Regional power pools play a strategic role in both addressing energy challenges and promoting collaboration within Africa’s power sector, and this year’s African Energy Week conference will explore the strategic role these systems play in making energy poverty history. Amidst the pursuit of sustainable development and energy security, Africa is undergoing transformation, with regional integration […]
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Driving Carbon Capture Adoption for Sustainable Energy Future: Rain Cage Carbon Africa Joins AEW as Technology Partner

The African Energy Chamber is proud to announce that Rain Cage Carbon Africa has joined the African energy renaissance as African Energy Week 2023’s Carbon Capture Technology Partner. Embracing innovative, low-emission technologies and processes, such as carbon capture, utilization, and storage, presents Africa with a significant opportunity to align energy security with environmental sustainability. This […]
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Using Data as a Catalyst for Growth: Rystad Energy Becomes Knowledge Partner of AEW 2023

Rystad Energy will assist the African Energy Chamber in delivering market-driven intelligence and insights to energy stakeholders with a shared vision for Africa’s energy renaissance. As development expands on the back of collaboration and efforts to make energy poverty history, new investment will be largely supported by advanced intelligence on Africa’s energy market. Investors seeking […]
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Advancing Digital Tools and Expertise in Africa: S&P Global Commodity Insights Becomes Technical Partner of AEW 2023

Under a multi-year agreement signed in 2022, S&P Global Commodity Insights represents the Technical Partner of the African Energy Week 2023 conference. Africa’s energy development agenda has become increasingly complex. Climate change and energy security concerns have highlighted the critical role low-carbon and sustainable energy developments play in Africa, while diverse regulatory environments, shifts in global capital […]
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