Driving Investments and Partnerships: Filippo Bof, Head of Business Development at Shell Trading and Shipping to Speak at AEW

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Filippo Bof, Head of Business Development at Shell Trading and Shipping will play a pivotal role in highlighting Africa as a thriving energy frontier during the African Energy Week. His contributions will focus on the company’s collaborative initiatives with refiners to accelerate investments in the sector.

Shell, a prominent British multinational oil and gas company with a significant presence in Africa, is intensifying its efforts in exploration and production (E&P), refining, trading, marketing, and distribution activities on the continent. Recognizing Shell’s commitment, the African Energy Chamber (AEC) is delighted to announce the participation of Filippo Bof, Head of Business Development at Shell Trading and Shipping Company, a subsidiary of Shell, as a speaker at the esteemed African Energy Week (AEW). As Africa’s premier energy event, scheduled for October 16-20, 2023, in Cape Town, AEW will serve as a platform for influential African leaders and global influencers to shape the future of Africa’s energy landscape.

Bof, with his extensive experience at Shell and Shell Trading and Shipping and a deep understanding of the African energy sector, emerges as a key contributor to the growth of the industry in Africa. His tenure at Shell began as a Commercial Interface and Trading Manager, where he played a vital role in shaping commercial strategies and managing trading activities. His contributions led to his promotion as a Business Development Manager and then Head of Business Development at Shell Trading and Shipping, where he further honed his skills in identifying growth opportunities and driving business expansion.

Prior to his time at Shell, Bof has had a decade’s worth of experience at Eni, another major player in the energy sector. As an Oil Export and Shipping Manager at Eni Nigeria, he demonstrated his expertise in managing export operations and coordinating shipping activities. Bof’s proficiency in the field earned him the role of Upstream Commercial Area Coordinator, where he oversaw commercial activities and played a pivotal role in maximizing value from upstream operations.

With this experience, he has forged strong partnerships with producers and refiners across the region. Bof’s expertise spans various areas, including providing commercial support, financing, working capital, terminalling, and logistics solutions. This experience is particularly important in Africa’s energy sector as Shell has a presence in many African countries, including Egypt, Mauritania, South Africa, Nigeria and Namibia to name a few. As Africa’s energy sector is projected to grow, having expertise and effective management is vital for capitalizing on this growth and achieving successful outcomes regarding exploring, producing, refining, and trading oil and gas products.

Strengthening its presence in the MSGBC region, Shell signed an E&P contract with the Ministry of Petroleum, Mines and Energy in February to conduct exploration activities in Block C2 offshore Mauritania. As part of the agreement, Shell now holds a 75% stake in the block, while the Mauritanian government retains a 25% share. Block C2 is positioned to the south of Block C10, where Shell is currently conducting exploration activities, and to the east of Block C8, which has witnessed substantial discoveries. Shell Trading and Shipping’s involvement in this would include leveraging its expertise in trading and optimization of energy commodities in support of the exploration activities in the region.

Another noteworthy achievement by Shell is the discovery of light oil in Namibia’s Orange Basin, in the Graff – 1X Well, located block 2913A. By partnering with Qatar Energy and the national petroleum corporation of Namibia on this discovery, the company is demonstrating its commitment to partnerships and collaborations to drive the sector forward. Meanwhile its presence and range of services in South Africa spans over more than a century, primarily involved in the downstream sector of the energy industry. This includes activities such as refining, distribution and marketing of petroleum products. Shell operates the Sapref refinery, jointly owned by Shell and bp, one of the largest refineries in South Africa, which processes crude oil into various refined products like gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and lubricants. With the advancements in these countries, Shell Trading and Shipping harnesses their expertise in trading, shipping, and logistics to play a vital role in the facilitation of the distribution of these petroleum products.

Stepping into this picture, at AEW Bof will provide valuable insights into Shell’s business development in Africa and he will share expertise on various aspects, including commercial support, financing, working capital, terminalling, and logistics.

“The Chamber is delighted with the attendance of Bof and the presence of Shell at the AEW. It highlights the importance of collaboration between local and international entities in unlocking Africa’s energy potential. Shell’s presence in Africa demonstrates the significant opportunities the continent offers in terms of energy resources and trading activities. The company also understands the vital role that hydrocarbons will continue to play in Africa’s energy sector in order to meet its fuel and electricity needs,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC, adding that “The participation by Shell – represented by Bof, underscores the commitment to drive sustainable development, maximize value, and foster mutually beneficial partnerships within the African energy sector.”

African Energy Week (AEW) is the African Energy Chamber’s (AEC) interactive exhibition and networking event, established in 2021, that seeks to unite African energy stakeholders, drive industry growth and development, and promote Africa as the destination for African-focused events. For further information on the African Energy Week 2023 conference, click the link below: