Energy Invest: Namibia 2023 Launches at African Energy Week in Cape Town

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The inaugural report on Namibia’s energy sector was launched by Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo, at African Energy Week 2023 and is now available for download. 

Energy Invest: Namibia 2023 – the official investment report on the country’s oil, natural gas, power, mining and renewable energy sectors – was officially launched by Namibia’s Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo, during the African Energy Week (AEW) conference in Cape Town on Tuesday.

Produced by Energy Capital & Power (ECP) and endorsed by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the inaugural publication represents a milestone in the country’s energy development journey and a critical step onto the global energy stage. From upstream exploration to downstream processing capacity, the book follows Namibia’s timeline to first oil and ambitious plans to become the energy capital of the continent by 2030.

“With our new discoveries made this year and last year, we are on the cusp of something special,” stated Minister Alweendo during his opening address. “It is our intention to manage our oil and gas sector to transform our economy and we are set to introduce a lot of market policies to ensure that in-country value is being generated from these oil and gas resources. We have put together a book about Namibia’s energy sector, which provides a lot of information about our country. I hope that we will all have a copy of this book to help understand what Namibia is all about.”

Following five commercial discoveries in Namibia’s Orange Basin, the report examines the role of attractive petroleum contracts and guaranteed fiscal stability in ensuring timely FIDs, as well as the establishment of necessary on- and offshore infrastructure to support continued exploration. A dedicated energy transition chapter explores how Namibia can leapfrog certain stages of carbon-intensive development and generate new areas of investment in green manufacturing and synthetic fuels, along with the long-term outlook for battery and critical minerals to diversify Namibia’s existing diamond and uranium exports.

Regional integration and local beneficiation also emerge as key themes, with a view to creating shared opportunities and boosting energy trade and investment within the Southern African Development Community. The publication features a notable line-up of Angolan service providers interested in entering or expanding within the Namibian market.

Companies and entities involved in the publication include but are not limited to: The Ministry of Mines and Energy, NAMCOR, Bank of Namibia, African Energy Chamber, NAMPOA, ReconAfrica, Daures Green Hydrogen, BW Kudu, Chamber of Mines, NAMDOCK, The Pupkewitz Group of Companies, Paratus Group, SSGV, Sonair, SONILS, CABSHIP and MGP Investment, among others.

Energy Invest: Namibia 2023 is now available at AEW 2023. Sign up to receive your digital copy at