Executive Secretary of the African Refiners & Distributors Association to Speak at AEW 2022

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Anibor Kragha’s participation at Africa’s most esteemed energy event indicates the value and significance of AEW 2022 and its impact on the African energy landscape.

The African Energy Chamber (AEC) is proud to announce the confirmation of Anibor Kragha, Executive Secretary of the African Refiners & Distributors Association (ARDA) as a speaker at this year’s African Energy Week (AEW) 2022 Conference and Exhibition. Representing an esteemed participant at this year’s event, Kragha’s attendance at Africa’s premier event for the oil and gas sector is crucial for shaping discussions around challenges and opportunities across the continent’s downstream sector.

Giving a voice to all African downstream oil stakeholders, ARDA’s participation at AEW 2022 will promote a greater understanding of the economic, environmental, and social issues within the international oil industry, offering insight into how the sector may improve its technical and economic performance. Having held the position of Executive Secretary since 2020, Kragha has been a champion for energy security, sustainable development, and economic diversification throughout the continent.

ARDA is fully committed to the theme of this year’s conference of making energy poverty history by 2030, having cooperated directly with industry groups, governments, regulatory bodies, international agencies, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations to promote regional integration, secure financing, and expand Africa’s downstream sector.

“Anibor Kragha has always been a friend to Africa and a champion of the continent’s oil sector, a leader whose commitment to driving development through the adoption of clean fuels is hard to match,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC, adding, “With population growth increasing demand and development challenges hindering growth, Africa’s oil resources will continue to play a vital role in our future. Anibor Kragha brings with him a wealth of knowledge and leadership skills that makes him one of the leading voices offering pragmatic solutions for Africa’s energy future.”

Kragha has, and continues to emphasize the continent’s need to upgrade its existing refineries to produce petroleum products that will bring energy, wealth, and opportunities to million of Africans. Additionally, in conjunction with improvement to infrastructural upgrades, Kragha has been a strong advocate for supportive government policies and public financing that prioritizes public health and environmental issues.

While the world transitions towards cleaner sources of energy and away from fossil fuels, industry experts such as Kragha recognize the value of Africa’s vast resources in addressing developmental challenges, emphasizing the need for the continent to take advantage of its potential and value.

Uniting African energy leaders, global investors, and executives from across the public and private sector for four days of panel discussions, investors forums, industry summits, and one-on-one meeting opportunities, AEW 2022 is set to drive discussions that will reshape the trajectory of the continent’s energy development.


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