Fostering Sustainable Energy Development: Kenya’s National Oil Corporation Joins AEW 2023 as Bronze Sponsor

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The National Oil Corporation of Kenya is a Bronze Sponsor of African Energy Week 2023 and the sponsor of Invest in Kenya Energies at the event.

Kenya’s untapped oil and gas reserves present a strategic opportunity for the East African country to attract investors and bolster energy security and sustainable development. In the country’s sector, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) of Kenya plays an instrumental role in engaging with investors, promoting the country’s potential and contributing to the sustainable development of energy.

Kenya’s NOC has joined the premier event for Africa’s energy sector, African Energy Week (AEW) – scheduled for October 16-20, 2023 – as a Bronze Sponsor. The NOC is also the sponsor of the Invest in Kenya Energies session, a platform dedicated to promoting investment and partnership opportunities across the East African country’s growing energy industry. CEO Leparan Gideon Morintat will spearhead discussions at this session.

As the state entity tasked with developing the country’s energy supply chain, including upstream acreage, midstream transportation and downstream refining, the NOC is integral to both the energy and economic future of Kenya. Under efforts to unlock the full potential of the country’s untapped resources, the NOC is inviting regional and global players to participate in the promising market. To date, the NOC has driven several initiatives aimed at strengthening existing developments while incentivizing further participation in the country’s energy opportunities. These initiatives encompass the revitalization of energy policies to attract new investors, the formation of strategic partnerships to enhance the oil and gas value chain, and the deployment of critical infrastructure. These efforts collectively ensure the robust facilitation of exploration, production and distribution of petroleum resources.

Among these measures is the execution of the Mwananchi Gas Project, a strategic endeavor aimed at enhancing the nationwide distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). With an ambitious objective to elevate LPG penetration from around 10% to an impressive 70% within the coming three years, this initiative serves as a pivotal catalyst in bolstering consumer accessibility to affordable energy and cooking solutions through the effective utilization of local resources. Furthermore, the company has undertaken a range of strategic well appraisal and exploration and production initiatives in collaboration with notable partners including Tullow Oil. These concerted efforts are geared towards fully harnessing the considerable potential of Kenya’s hydrocarbon-rich basins, including Anza, Mandera, Tertiary and Lamu. The NOC is also actively leading several downstream projects, reinforcing energy market resilience and sustainability.

In pursuit of an enriched energy mix diversification for Kenya, the NOC has entered into a strategic partnership to supply the nation’s Geothermal Development Company with essential fuel, lubricants, and LPG resources. This collaboration is integral to propelling the advancement of Kenya’s geothermal portfolio for power generation as the country seeks to expand its geothermal capacity to 1,065 MW by 2030. The NOC has played a pivotal role in elevating Kenya’s energy industry, and the company’s AEW 2023 Bronze Sponsorship stands as a resounding testament to its commitment to engage with regional and global stakeholders and investors. AEW 2023 serves as the ideal platform for the NOC to accelerate Kenya’s energy renaissance.

“Kenya’s NOC has played a notable role in advancing the country’s energy development. The NOC has been exceptional in identifying and harnessing domestic resources and reducing the overreliance on imported energy. The company represents a strong partner for global players looking at tapping into Kenya’s vast hydrocarbon resources,” stated NJ Ayuk, the Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber (AEC).

During AEW 2023 in Cape Town, Kenya’s NOC – led by CEO Morintat – will engage with investors through various panel discussions and networking sessions. The NOC’s sponsorship of the Invest in Kenya Energies at AEW 2023 provides regional and global stakeholders with both a unique and strategic opportunity to connect with industry leaders from one of Africa’s final energy frontiers.

AEW is the AEC’s interactive exhibition and networking event uniting African energy stakeholders, driving industry growth and development, and promoting Africa as the destination for African-focused events. For more information about sponsorship, attendance, and partnership opportunities, visit