LNG Game-Changer: SnapLNG by Technip Energies Set to Transform Africa’s Energy Landscape

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Technip Energies has unveiled SnapLNG by T.EN, a modular, pre-engineered and standardized solution designed to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of LNG production.

In response to the surging global demand for LNG, expected to reach 600 million metric tons per annum (Mtpa) by 2030, Technip Energies is harnessing its rich 60-year legacy in the industry to unveil an innovative solution. SnapLNG, a pioneering creation from Technip Energies, is poised to redefine the LNG sector, ushering in a new era of cleaner and more time-efficient LNG production.The Solution Zero for low-carbon LNG, SnapLNG by Technip Energies, introduces a unique, modular, and standardized approach to decarbonizing LNG production.

It comprises 2.5 Mtpa train modules delivered directly to clients’ doors, pre-engineered, self-functional, and pre-commissioned with little to no adjustments required. This revolutionary solution cuts more than two years off the typical project development timeline, all while significantly reducing risk.

What sets Technip Energies’ SnapLNG apart is its commitment to sustainability. Electric motors power the refrigerant compressors, resulting in decarbonized production and the avoidance of approximately 350 kTe/year per train of CO2 emissions when compared to gas turbine-driven solutions.

Technip Energies’ SnapLNG streamlines LNG production, ensuring reliability and efficiency. With pre-engineered and standardized modules, it guarantees precise cost execution, adherence to schedules, plant reliability, and availability, enhancing overall performance. The strong data model developed during the FEED phase underpins project completion, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction phases, and ongoing operation and maintenance. Moreover, SnapLNG boasts an exceptional plant availability rate of around 97%, enhancing yearly revenues and delivering certainty across the LNG value chain for efficient low-carbon LNG projects.

This is particularly significant for Africa, as the continent boasts significant LNG potential, with numerous countries holding substantial natural gas resources. Prominent African nations in this regard include Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Mozambique, and Equatorial Guinea. The introduction of Technip Energies’ SnapLNG stands as a momentous opportunity for these nations and the continent as a whole.

By embracing this innovative solution, African countries can accelerate the development of their LNG projects, reducing production timelines and associated costs. Moreover, the commitment to decarbonized production aligns with global efforts to combat climate change. African nations can significantly reduce their carbon footprint while ensuring energy security through the efficient production of low-carbon LNG.

This transformative solution not only positions Africa as a vital player in the global LNG market but also contributes to a lower carbon future for the continent and the world. It empowers African nations to tap into their abundant natural gas resources sustainably and efficiently, enhancing economic growth while aligning with international environmental goals.

At the upcoming African Energy Week, scheduled for 16-20 October in Cape Town, Technip Energies will showcase this innovative solution as its experts will attend the event and offer valuable insights to all those in attendance. AEW will serve as an opportunity for stakeholders to engage with the experts, exchange ideas, and explore the tremendous potential that this innovative solution holds in the journey towards cleaner, more accessible energy for Africa and the world.