NAMCOR’s Acting MD to Provide Insights on Namibian Upstream Oil and Gas at AEW 2023

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At African Energy Week 2023, Shiwana Ndeunyema, Acting Managing Director at NAMCOR, will provide insights into Namibia’s burgeoning energy sector.

Namibia, an emerging exploration frontier in Africa, is filled with abundant opportunities for discovery, propelled by the influential role of its national oil company NAMCOR. At African Energy Week (AEW), Shiwana Ndeunyema, NAMCOR’s Acting Managing Director, will provide insights into Namibia’s upstream oil and gas activities and the investment opportunities that lie in Namibia’s onshore and offshore sedimentary basins. As the continent’s premier event for the oil and gas sector, AEW 2023 is set to take place from October 16–20 in Cape Town, and will feature industry leaders and experts from across the globe.

Ndeunyema specializes in organizational development and business transformation, with a focus on the people-strategy-systems nexus. Currently serving as Acting Managing Director and previously as Executive: Business Strategy at NAMCOR, his goal is to position the company as a national energy leader, aligning it with global energy standards. Ndeunyema holds key roles on various boards and is a Partner at Atlantic III Consulting. His expertise in strategic planning and implementation has driven growth and development in both the public and private sectors. With a Master’s in HR and a background in economics, he is a visionary leader who contributes significantly to Namibia’s progress.

Under the management of Ndeunyema, NAMCOR has partnered with major International Oil Companies, such as Shell, TotalEnergies and QatarEnergy, on the discovery of light oil in wells such as Graff-1X, Venus-1X, Jonker-1X, La-Rona-1X, and Lesedi-1X. These discoveries showcase the country’s potential to become a significant player in the industry and stimulate economic growth, job creation and the development of local expertise. With continued strategic management and collaboration, Namibia’s oil and gas sector is poised for further advancement and increased international attention.

Furthermore, NAMCOR actively engages in knowledge sharing initiatives, participating in industry conferences, seminars, and workshops across the continent. The company has been a key contributor to discussions on energy policy, regulations, and sustainable development within Africa’s energy sector. By sharing its experiences and insights, NAMCOR plays a crucial role in promoting best practices and fostering cooperation among African nations.

Meanwhile, NAMCOR has adhered to Namibia’s National Upstream Petroleum Local Content Policy, which seeks to enable meaningful and substantial involvement of Namibians and local businesses throughout the entirety of the petroleum industry’s value chain. By doing so, the country can effectively harness its oil and gas resources while simultaneously empowering its citizens and driving economic progress. Ndeunyema is playing a pivotal role in actively promoting the integration of these local content policies within the energy sector.

With such a remarkable profile, Ndeunyema’s presence at AEW 2023 holds immense significance. AEW will provide the perfect platform for him to share his insights on Namibia’s upstream oil and gas activities and the investment opportunities available in Namibia’s onshore and offshore sedimentary basins. Attendees can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s latest developments, technological advancements, and regulatory frameworks.

“Ndeunyema and the NAMCOR team offer abundant investment prospects, and with their influential position in Namibia’s energy sector, we eagerly anticipate hearing Ndeunyema’s insights on the industry’s future and the exciting opportunities it holds. NAMCOR’s dedication to sustainable development aligns seamlessly with AEW’s objectives, and we are certain that his presence will enrich our discussions and foster fruitful collaborations during the event,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber (AEC).

AEW is the AEC’s interactive exhibition and networking event uniting African energy stakeholders, driving industry growth and development, and promoting Africa as the destination for African-focused events. For more information, visit