Shipping and Logistics Represent Valuable Opportunities for African Companies, Entrepreneurs in the Energy Sector in 2022

Like many other national oil companies (NOCs) in Africa, Ghana National Petroleum Corp. (GNPC) has mostly served as a minority partner in upstream projects. That is, it has represented the Ghanaian government’s interests in contracts with foreign investors and collected a share of the money earned from those contracts, but it hasn’t led the way in exploration and development activities.

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Developing African Petroleum Value Chains

As the continent seeks to ramp up oil and gas production in strategic markets, African producers are making significant strides to strengthen local and regional energy value chains, so as to position the continent as a more competitive exporter.

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The Role of the Congolese Hydrocarbons Sector in the Carbon-Neutral Age

The discoveries of the Moho Nord and Nené Marine oil fields within the last decade has established the Congo as sub-Saharan Africa’s third largest crude oil producer. When the country became OPEC’s newest member in 2018, it further solidified its status as a key regional energy player, occupying a seat at the decision-making table alongside majors like Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

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