Niger’s Minister of Petroleum Joins AEW 2023 to Showcase the Country’s O&G Prospects

At African Energy Week, Niger’s Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Renewable Energies H.E. Mahamane Sani Mahamadou will showcase the country’s oil and gas potential while building partnerships and attracting new investments into the promising market.

 Niger is working towards consolidating its position as a major producing market, and is therefore inviting investors and project developers alike to seize the opportunities the country has on offer. To this effect, the African Energy Chamber (AEC) is proud to announce that the country’s Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Renewable Energies H.E. Mahamane Sani Mahamadou will join African Energy Week (AEW) as a keynote speaker. Set to take place from 16-20 October in Cape Town, AEW will provide H.E. Mahamadou with the opportunity to increase investments into the country by showcasing Niger’s oil and gas potential.

Located in West Africa, Niger is emerging as a notable player in the oil and gas sector with significant oil reserves, particularly in the Agadem Basin. A joint venture led by China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) has unveiled remarkable progress in the Agadem basin, and with an impressive track record of 110 discoveries out of 137 exploration wells, the project is shaping up to be a game-changer. Since its inception in November 2011, oil production from the Agadem block has been successfully exported to CNPC’s state-of-the-art Zinder oil refining facility, located in-country. Equipped to produce petrol, diesel, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas products for domestic consumption, the facility represents a significant boost to Niger’s energy infrastructure. Enhancing the project’s efficiency is the existing 462.5-km, 13-inch diameter pipeline, which connects the Agadem field to the Zinder refinery through a series of strategically positioned stations, ensuring seamless transportation and processing.

Meanwhile, the development of significant projects like the Niger-Benin Export Pipeline, which has an estimated cost of $4.5 billion, marks a major achievement for Niger and plays a vital role in stimulating economic growth. This pipeline project is designed to transport up to 90,000 barrels of oil per day and is set to become operational in 2023. Its completion will result in a five-fold increase in Niger’s oil and gas production, positioning the country as a prominent energy hub both regionally and internationally. Additionally, Niger has ambitious plans to establish the Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline Project, spanning 4,128 km, which will connect sub-Saharan Africa with European markets. This initiative aims to enhance natural gas trading between the two regions, unlocking significant opportunities for expansion in the energy sector and overall economic growth in Niger.

While these developments underscore Niger’s growing prominence in the global energy landscape and sets the stage for further expansion and economic prosperity in the region, more investment is needed to unlock the full potential of the market.

Stepping into this picture, the Minister is dedicated to establishing the country as a prominent player in the regional oil and gas industry. Serving as Niger’s Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Renewable Energies, H.E. Mahamadou holds a crucial position in shaping the country’s energy landscape. Before assuming his current ministerial role, H.E. Mahamadou held significant senior positions. In June 2016, he was appointed as Special Advisor to the President of the Republic of Niger, overseeing vital areas such as communications, press, and ICT. In his position as Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Renewable Energies, and with a focus on strategic planning, resource optimization and attracting international partnerships, H.E. Mahamadou is working towards propelling Niger’s oil and gas sector towards greater success, ultimately contributing to the country’s overall economic development.

“The presence of Niger and the active participation of H.E. Mahamadou at AEW exemplify the country’s commitment to harnessing its energy potential. Niger has the potential to emerge as a significant player in the African energy landscape, and the Minister’s engagement highlights the country’s dedication to driving sustainable development. By showcasing their initiatives and engaging with industry stakeholders, Niger is positioning itself as a key partner in the continent’s energy transition. The Chamber applauds their efforts and looks forward to witnessing the positive impact they will have on the region’s energy sector,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC.


AEW is the AEC’s interactive exhibition and networking event that seeks to unite African energy stakeholders, drive industry growth and development, and promote Africa as the destination for African-focused events. For more information about attendance, sponsorship or partnership opportunities, visit


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