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Independent oil and gas company Perenco has joined the African Energy Week conference as a Gold Sponsor, demonstrating its commitment to increasing investments in Africa’s energy sector.

Expanding its footprint across the African energy sector, independent Anglo-French oil and gas company Perenco has proven to be a major player across Africa’s prolific hydrocarbon basins. As the company moves to consolidate its position as the partner of choice for resource-rich nations, the African Energy Chamber (AEC) is proud to announce that Perenco has joined the African Energy Week (AEW) conference – scheduled for October 16-20 – as a Gold Sponsor.

Perenco has a wealth of experience and expertise in oil and gas exploration, production, operation and management. With their committed team of over 6,000 energized individuals, Perenco has a strong pipeline of projects worldwide. Their presence in multiple regions demonstrates their extensive reach and understanding of diverse energy landscapes. Notwithstanding their global approach, Perenco’s newfound focus on Africa is set to unlock a new wave of investment and project development as the independent company moves to strengthen its presence across promising acreage continent-wide.

The company has long-been a key player in the opening up of the African upstream industry, spearheading several exploration and production projects with the goal of commercializing and maximizing resources. The company’s operations cover several countries in Africa, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Cameroon, Chad, Gabon, the Republic of the Congo, and Tunisia. In recent years, Perenco has demonstrated its commitment to Africa’s energy future with a series of milestones reached across the continent. In 2022, Perenco acquired Glencore’s corporate entities, comprising its entire oil interests in Chad, which include access to substantial untapped reservoirs in the Badila and Mangara fields.

Also in 2022, Perenco achieved an offshore oil discovery in the Pointe Noire Grand Fond Sud license, located off the coast of the Republic of Congo, and more recently acquired several oil assets in the country from global major Eni. Meanwhile, in the DRC, Perenco contributes to the country’s oil sector with a daily production rate of 25,000 barrels. Perenco’s ongoing investments highlight their commitment to enhancing oil production in the DRC. Additionally, the company has recently entered into a fresh 20-year production sharing agreement with Cameroon’s National Oil Company, Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures. This contract is aimed at advancing the ongoing development of the Rio del Rey Basin, located offshore Cameroon.

The company also achieved a significant milestone with the commencement of production at the South Kole Marine oil project, located 50 kilometers off the coast of Cameroon. The project, which underwent an eight-month work program involving well architecture, pipelay and platform installations, is now successfully producing approximately 3,800 barrels of oil per day. This achievement not only proves the commercial viability of the once-considered marginal field but also aligns with Perenco’s strategic agenda of optimizing its current assets in the country.

Meanwhile, the company is making significant investments in Africa’s gas market expansion. In Gabon, they have signed an agreement with the Ministry of Petroleum, Gas, Hydrocarbons and Mines to co-develop a gas-fired power plant, maximizing the country’s gas reserves. They have also reached a $1 billion final investment decision for the development of a liquefied natural gas facility. The 700,000-ton facility serves as a key driver for energy security and industrialization across the West African country.

“The Chamber recognizes the immense energy potential in Africa and firmly believes that collaborative efforts are essential to unlock the continent’s vast resources. As Gold Sponsors of AEW 2023, Perenco reaffirms its unwavering dedication to Africa’s energy sector. With their support, we are poised to drive sustainable growth, foster technological advancement, and pave the way for a brighter future for all Africans,” emphasizes NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC.

AEW serves as Africa’s premier event for the oil and gas sector, where industry leaders, global movers and shakers, and African nations will gather to discuss Africa’s promising energy landscape. As an independent oil and gas company, Perenco plays a significant role in the industry, and having them as a Gold Sponsor for AEW highlights their expertise and dedication. Furthermore, it emphasizes the company’s support for the event and the importance the company places on African energy development. This sponsorship provides Perenco with an opportunity to showcase their contributions, enhance brand exposure, and network with other industry professionals, stakeholders, and decision-makers attending AEW.

AEW is the AEC’s interactive exhibition and networking event uniting African energy stakeholders, driving industry growth and development, and promoting Africa as the destination for African-focused events. For more information about sponsorship, attendance, and partnership opportunities, visit

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