Pioneering Africa’s Energy Transition through Gas: Chariot Joins AEW 2023 as a Bronze Sponsor

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Transitional energy company Chariot will participate at African Energy Week 2023 as a bronze sponsor, championing sustainable energy solutions.

In the midst of Africa’s ongoing energy transition where the continent seeks sustainable and innovative solutions to meet its growing energy demands, Chariot stands as a pioneer committed to advancing the region’s energy landscape. As such, the African Energy Chamber (AEC) is proud to announce that the company has joined the African Energy Week (AEW) 2023 conference and exhibition as a Bronze Sponsor – scheduled for October 16–20 in Cape Town.

Chariot has evolved from an oil-focused company into a dynamic player actively involved in diverse energy initiatives that align with Africa’s clean energy goals. Recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities that Africa faces, Chariot is dedicated to fostering sustainable growth while addressing the pressing need for reliable power sources.

The company is actively contributing to Africa’s decarbonized future. Its flagship Anchois gas project in Morocco, located within the Lixus Offshore license, is a significant high-value gas appraisal and development project. It holds audited total remaining recoverable resources exceeding one trillion cubic feet, offering substantial gas production potential. This project has profound implications for the energy sector, contributing to gas supply and meeting growing energy demand.

Chariot’s exploration activities extend to the Moroccan Rissana Offshore and Loukos Onshore licenses. The Rissana Offshore license, in which the company holds a 75% interest, covers an extensive area of about 8,489km². This license surrounds the offshore boundaries of the existing Lixus Offshore License and includes the northern regions of the previously held Mohammedia Offshore and Kenitra Offshore licenses. On the other hand, the Loukos Onshore license, also operated with a substantial 75% interest, spans approximately 1,371km². It strategically neighbors Chariot’s Lixus and Rissana offshore licenses and serves as the intended location for the Anchois processing facility and pipelines. These licenses hold significant promise for discovering new gas reserves, which can make a positive impact on Morocco’s energy sector and contribute to enhancing energy security across Africa.

In addition, Chariot has also solidified its position to supply gas to the domestic market through Gas Sales Principles with the state national utility ONEE, pipeline tie-in agreements, and a partnership with Vivo Energy. This not only benefits Morocco but also opens doors to export gas sales opportunities, satisfying Europe’s growing desire for a diversified gas supply.

On the hydrogen front, Chariot’s joint green hydrogen venture with Total Eren – Project Nour – marks a significant stride in its commitment to Africa’s sustainable energy future. Located in northern Mauritania, this ambitious project leverages the region’s abundant wind and solar resources for large-scale renewable energy generation and cost-effective hydrogen production. Positioned near Mauritania’s deep-sea port and close to European markets, Project Nour aims to establish itself as a global hub for green hydrogen production and export, aligned with Chariot’s vision of making Mauritania a leading producer and exporter of green hydrogen.

With the potential to install up to 10 GW of electrolysis capacity, Project Nour could become one of the world’s largest green hydrogen projects by 2030. Beyond its environmental benefits, the project promises significant socio-economic development for Mauritania, attracting investments, generating jobs, fostering skills, and boosting government revenues. Chariot’s collaboration with Total Eren underscores its inclusive approach to green energy development.

“Chariot’s transformation into a dynamic player in Africa’s energy landscape is a testament to its commitment to our continent’s clean energy future. As Africa seeks innovative solutions to meet its growing energy demands, Chariot stands at the forefront, actively contributing to the transition,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC.

As a Bronze Sponsor at AEW 2023, Chariot will play a pivotal role in the high-level discussions, project showcases, and investment opportunities, contributing significantly to the event’s success and furthering Africa’s energy transition.

AEW is the AEC’s annual conference, exhibition and networking event. AEW 2023 will unite African energy policymakers and stakeholders with global investors to discuss and maximize opportunities within the continent’s entire energy industry. For more information about AEW 2023, visit