South Sudan Investor Breakfast at AEW 2022 promotes investment opportunities across the country’s entire oil and gas value chain

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  • South Sudan Investor Breakfast at AEW 2022 promotes investment opportunities across the country’s entire oil and gas value chain

Sponsored by Trinity Energy, the South Sudan Investor Breakfast hosted during African Energy Week 2022 highlighted opportunities in the country’s oil and gas sector.

South Sudan is seeking to expand collaboration with existing investors including the China National Petroleum Corporation, Petronas, the Nile Petroleum Corporation, and the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, while creating new partnerships with other foreign and regional investors to boost the oil and gas market. The South Sudan Investor Breakfast held during AEW 2022 presented a platform for the country’s energy policymakers, companies, and investors to network and discuss the future of the South Sudanese energy sector.

In attendance were VIP speakers including South Sudan’s Minister of Petroleum, Hon. Puot Kang Chol; South Sudan’s Director General for Mineral Development, James Yousif Kundu; South Sudan National Petroleum and Gas Authority Chairman, Hon. Caesar Oliha; and Trinity Energy CEO Robert Mdeza and Deputy CEO Ken Mugambi.

The Ministry of Petroleum launched the country’s first oil licensing round in June 2021 and is seeking to accelerate upstream activities to boost oil production to 300,000 bpd by 2023. The Investor Breakfast showcased investment opportunities across the East African country’s burgeoning upstream sector.

“We have opportunities in mineral exploration and artisanal mining across the country. We have licensed exploration companies. We have 320 kilometers of potential for minerals and our legal framework is very friendly,” saidSouth Sudan Ministry of Mining Director General for Mineral Development, James Yousif Kundu.

The Investor Breakfast highlighted investment opportunities for energy companies and investors across the energy value chain.

“When it comes to land, South Sudan has the opportunity to feed the entire region. All we need are genuine investors. In the oil sector, more than 90% of our reserves are untapped. We have opportunities in the infrastructure of oil and we need financing. When it comes to power, we have opportunities in the sector and we invite investors to come. Importantly, South Sudan has peace and is rebuilding”, saidMinister of Petroleum, Hon. Puot Kang Chol.

While oil is one of South Sudan’s key industries, the country is home to myriad private businesses that are accelerating the socio-economic development of the country. Trinity Energy has a market share of 40% in importing, distributing, and retailing petroleum products. Speaking during the investor meeting Miriam Dangasut, Head of Programs at Trinity Energy,explained, “We have identified opportunities where we can drive South Sudan forward. Trinity Energy has evolved over time from upstream to midstream. We are keen on building solar energy capacity. Our commitment is beyond energy security.”

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