Top 5 Reasons to Attend AEW 2022

Under a mandate to make energy poverty history by 2030, the continent’s premier event for the oil and gas sector, African Energy Week (AEW), will return to Cape Town from 16-20 October, uniting African energy policymakers and companies with investors and global partners, and providing the best networking platform for deals to be signed. With a suite of stakeholders set to make their way to Cape Town for four days of market-focused dialogue, here are five reasons why you should be a part of the AEW 2023 energy movement.

Large-Scale Investment Opportunities

With a focus on driving investment in Africa’s energy industry, AEW 2022 will promote the continent as a global energy investment destination while paving the way for free markets and increased private sector participation across the entire African energy sector and its value chain. 

AEW 2023 represents the premier forum for getting deals signed across the African energy market as the continent strives to capitalize on its immense natural resources and achieve fuel-independency. With billions-of-dollars signed during last year’s edition – a trend which will only continue at AEW 2023 – attendees will have the opportunity to participate in projects and drive an effective and equitable business environment. No other pan-African energy event offers the same investment engagement opportunities, making AEW 2023 the conference of choice for financiers and project developers alike.

Networking Opportunities

Serving as an enabling environment for businesses by bringing together the continent’s top government leaders and business executives for four days of deal-making and networking, AEW 2023 will unite ministers, public and private sector representatives, energy companies and investors, as well as global partners. As such, the event serves as the official meeting place for players across the continent’s energy market, with upwards of 2,000 delegates participating in the event’s panel discussions, roundtables, investor summits and networking functions in 2022 alone.

This year, as the event expands across even more venues, thereby offering new side events and engagement opportunities, AEW 2023 has emerged as the destination of choice for energy players to interact, network, encourage business development and make deals happen.

Participate in Africa’s Energy Future

Uniting top energy leaders from throughout the continent and across the entire energy value chain, AEW 2023 will offer attendees a unique opportunity to help drive decisions that will shape Africa’s energy future. As the continent continues to take advantage of its vast oil and gas, mineral and renewable resources, opportunities have arisen across multiple sectors to develop new technologies, drive inclusivity and local content participation, and promote new trade and investment prospects in the energy space.

New projects are on the horizon in Africa as the continent seeks to capitalize on its position as a global frontier for oil and gas exploration and production, and one of the world’s top destinations for mining and renewable energy generation. With the continent’s changing energy landscape, new policies are being required and priorities put in place, with AEW 2023 serving as the only event where decisions are made that will usher in a new era of prosperity in Africa on the back of energy expansion.

Establish Partnerships

Boasting a diverse range of attendees and hosting a multitude of country delegations and private sector executives, AEW 2023 will offer an unparalleled opportunity for participants to establish new partnerships and collaborations. Building on the success of the discussions held, deals signed, partnerships formed and relationships cemented in previous editions, AEW 2023 will facilitate cooperation and collaboration among various sectors within Africa’s energy industry including within the oil and gas, renewable, mining, trade, industry and construction sectors. Thus, the event will ensure that delegates and attendees receive an unparalleled opportunity to participate in Africa’s energy renaissance.

Demonstrating the Future of African Energy

Through high-level panel discussions, networking forums, technical workshops, one-on-one meetings, projects, technology and partnership launches, and more, AEW 2023 will explore recent developments, business opportunities and policymaking initiatives that serve to leverage Africa’s vast energy resources and drive socioeconomic development across the continent.

AEW 2023 will provide an opportunity for industry players to showcase their successes while encouraging attendees to take part in examining the latest products, services, activities, trends, and prospects present in the African energy space.

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