TotalEnergies’ Clement Fleury to Highlight E&P Insights at African Energy Week 2023, Unleashing Africa’s Energy Potential

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During African Energy Week, TotalEnergies’ senior exploration geophysicist, Clement Fleury will participate in discussions on exploration and production activities in Africa

As Africa prepares for a revival in exploration and production (E&P) activities, TotalEnergies stands poised to seize this opportunity by significantly scaling up and expanding its E&P operations across diverse markets in Africa. Representing the company’s Southeast African region at African Energy Week (AEW), Clement Fleury, senior exploration geophysicist, brings forth his rich background, expertise, and extensive involvement in TotalEnergies’ endeavors in Africa, making him an invaluable asset at this prestigious gathering of energy industry leaders – taking place in Cape Town from 16-20 October 2023. With the continent grappling with energy challenges, Fleury’s insights and contributions are poised to shape sustainable solutions for Africa’s energy future.

With a decade of experience at TotalEnergies, Fleury has been instrumental in advancing the field of geophysics and contributing to the success of various energy projects across the globe. His proficiency and extensive knowledge make him an ideal candidate to address the pressing energy challenges faced by the African continent.

Maintaining an exceptionally impressive educational background, he earned his PhD in Geophysics from the Colorado School of Mines in the United States. His research focused on ground-breaking advancements in the application of geophysics for energy exploration, and his work has been recognized and published in leading scientific journals.

As an exploration geophysicist at TotalEnergies, Fleury uses geophysical techniques and data to evaluate and identify potential energy resources in several locations in Africa. He plays a crucial role in the initial stages of energy exploration and production by employing scientific methods to analyze subsurface conditions and make informed decisions about the viability of potential reserves. This is significant as the company strives to employ safe upstream activities to maintain the integrity of its reserves, ensuring its sustainability.

TotalEnergies, as a major international energy company, operates in several countries across Africa, including Angola, Nigeria, Gabon, Ivory Coast, and the Republic of Congo, among others. In Angola, TotalEnergies conducts exploration activities in various blocks within the Lower Congo and Kwanza Basin. Nigeria is another significant market for TotalEnergies, where the company holds interests in numerous licenses, with five of them operated by TotalEnergies.

In the MSGBC region, TotalEnergies operates deep offshore blocks in Mauritania and is involved in the Rufisque and UDO deep offshore blocks in Senegal.

Moreover, TotalEnergies has embarked on exciting new prospects in countries such as Namibia and Mozambique. These endeavours reflect the company’s commitment to exploring and tapping into the energy potential of these regions. Additionally, TotalEnergies has a long-standing history of engagement in the energy sector in South Africa, contributing to the country’s energy security, economic growth, and sustainable development.

By actively participating in exploration, production and investment activities across Africa, TotalEnergies contributes to the development and energy security of the continent. The company’s presence and operations in various countries play a crucial role in fostering economic growth, creating employment opportunities, and meeting Africa’s energy demands in a sustainable manner. With the insights of Fleury, TotalEnergies is revolutionizing E&P practices in Africa, paving the way for a remarkable energy renaissance on the continent.

“Clement Fleury’s participation at AEW is invaluable. His expertise and insights will shed light on the latest advancements in geophysics and their significance for the African energy sector. By sharing his knowledge, Fleury will provide a deeper understanding on the cutting-edge technologies and strategies that can unlock Africa’s vast energy potential,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber, adding that “His emphasis on sustainability will encourage dialogue on responsible energy practices, fostering collaboration towards a greener and more inclusive energy future for Africa.”

African Energy Week (AEW) is the African Energy Chamber’s (AEC) interactive exhibition and networking event, established in 2021, that seeks to unite African energy stakeholders, drive industry growth and development, and promote Africa as the destination for African-focused events.

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