Sonatrach’s VP for Gas Liquefication to Shape Energy Sustainability Discussions at AEW

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Nassr-Edine Fatouhi, Vice President of Gas Liquefaction at Sonatrach has confirmed his participation at African Energy Week 2023 where he will shape conversations around Algeria and Africa’s untapped gas potential in driving the stability of the global energy market.

The African Energy Chamber (AEC) – the voice of the African energy sector – is pleased to announce the participation of Nassr-Edine Fatouhi, Vice President of Gas Liquefaction at Sonatrach – the national oil company (NOC) of Algeria – at this year’s African Energy Week (AEW) conference and exhibition.

Taking place from 16 – 20 October in Cape Town, AEW 2023 will host Fatouhi in high-level panel discussions around investment and partnership opportunities across Algeria’s burgeoning natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) sectors.

Representing one of the world’s largest natural gas and LNG producers and exporters, Fatouhi’s participation at AEW 2023 will play a crucial role in shaping the dialogue on best practices that will propel Africa’s energy renaissance, with a particular emphasis on gas developments. This participation centers on vital themes including energy security, decarbonization, and affordability, collectively driving the continent’s sustainable energy agenda forward.

As the seventh largest gas consortium globally and Africa’s largest gas company, Sonatrach stands as a pivotal contributor to the sustainable growth of the global energy industry. While the demand of energy continues to expand globally, Sonatrach’s operations continue to position Africa as a key contributor to global energy security. The company is a key energy supplier to international markets including Europe and the Asia Pacific. In 2021 and 2022, through the works of Sonatrach, Algeria ranked as Europe’s second LNG exporter as the bloc faced disruptions to supply chain due to the Russian-Ukraine war.

As Algeria and Africa prioritize the responsible development and efficient utilization of their gas resources for sustainable growth, Sonatrach stands at the forefront of the continent’s industrial expansion.

The company has forged strategic partnerships with prominent global energy stakeholders and investors, with a shared goal of accelerating the development and monetization of Algeria’s abundant reserves, which include 159 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. This comprehensive effort also extends to the revitalization of Algeria’s entire energy value chain.

In the first half of 2023 alone, Sonatrach announced the discovery of ten new oil and gas deposits, a significant milestone in the context of the firm’s ambitious $40 billion investment plan for the 2023-2027 period.

In July, Sonatrach further bolstered its profile by entering into a strategic agreement with TotalEnergies for the development of Algeria’s hydrocarbon-rich Tin Fouyé Tabankort II (TFTII) and Tin Fouyé Tabankort Sud (TFT sud) gas fields, while also enhancing its LNG capabilities.

Sonatrach’s expertise extends beyond Algeria’s borders, influencing industry expansion in regional and global markets, including Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, the Netherlands, and Peru. In early August, the company, in collaboration with partners Eni and bp, successfully resumed operations in Libyan gas potential blocks, marking a significant milestone after a 20-year force majeure declaration.

In the downstream sector, Sonatrach plays a pivotal role in fostering the expansion of the African market. It operates Africa’s largest gas refineries and is a significant investor in new ventures. In June, the NOC awarded Petrofac a substantial $1.5 billion contract for the development of the Arzew Industrial Complex in western Algeria. This strategic move aligns with Sonatrach’s commitment to meeting the surging demand for LNG and other petrochemicals, both domestically and across the broader regional and international markets, including Europe and the Asia Pacific.

Furthermore, the company is actively engaged in several significant downstream projects, including the construction of the HMD 3 refinery, the PDHPP project, as well as the development of Skikda Conversion and Steam Cracker downstream facilities.

As Sonatrach continues to advance its growth both domestically and internationally, Fatouhi’s participation at AEW 2023 stands as a transformative opportunity. It provides the Vice President with a strategic platform to engage with African and global counterparts, facilitating discussions and the potential signing of industry-defining agreements.

“Sonatrach’s expertise and strategic investments have been transformative across the entire global hydrocarbons and energy value chain. The company has solidified its position as a crucial supplier of gas and LNG on a global scale, even amid significant market disruptions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukraine conflict. As global energy demand experiences a resurgence, Sonatrach’s role in shaping the expansion and sustainability of the global energy market only continues to grow.,” stated NJ Ayuk, the Executive Chairman of the AEC.

AEW 2022 unites African energy stakeholders with investors and international partners to drive industry growth and development and promote Africa as the destination for energy investments. Key organizations such as the African Petroleum Producers Organization, as well as African heavyweights including Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria, have partnered with AEW, strengthening the role the event will play in Africa’s energy future.